July 3, 2014

About Us

MWLP is a not for profit organisation focused on engaging a community of stakeholders to support youth in their personal and professional career development.

MWLP assists young people make the successful transition from school to work. We do this by connecting the incredibly important space between schools and the wider world, including business, industry, training organisations, parents and families, three tiers of Government and the broader community. Our work focuses on preparing young people for the world of work, nurturing aspiration, career management and entrepreneurialism, whilst simultaneously addressing the ongoing needs of business.

One of our programs places 6,500 HSC students into the workforce for week long work placements each year. These students are undertaking VET courses such as Automotive, Business Services, Construction, Electro-technology, Entertainment, Hospitality, Human Services, Information & Digital Technology, Metal & Engineering, Primary Industries, Retail and Tourism. There are many benefits for businesses that take on these students. The students are fully insured and free. To find out more call us on 4625 1863.


Adam Farmer (Chair) - Adam is the Employment Services Manager of MG My Gateway.

Gary Dunshea (Deputy Chair) - Industry Manager – Innovation and Business Skills Australia.

Estrella Garcia (Treasurer) – Audit Manager - Kelly Partners.

Graziella Crapis - Graziella is the Education Officer – Vocational Education and Training (VET) for Sydney Catholic Schools based at the Inner Western Region, Lidcombe.

Lyn Kenny - Lyn is a Senior Pathways Officer for the NSW Department of Education.

Johanna Vance - Johanna is employed by TAFE NSW, South Western Sydney Institute in the role of Manager Secondary School Programs.