May 1, 2014


Bankstown Sports Club – Matt Costello, Learning and Development Coordinator, “We believe in providing a fun, friendly and professional environment for the students who are placed with us, so they get to sample the Hospitality Industry and make an informed decision about their future.  Taking on work placement students has always been a positive experience for the club, as well as our members and guests.”

Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living – Helen Byfield-Fleming, Centre Coordinator, “The students are our future and we need to educate them in sustainability.  If they take this knowledge into their own businesses or the businesses they work for, this will improve our future.  It may be just one thing.  Add youth to your business and give students a go.  They could even teach you a thing or two.”

Camden Newsagency/Sinclairs Pharmacy – Sharon Ditton, Office Manager, “Becoming involved with MWLP has been a great asset to our business.  Supporting HSC students is a way of giving back to the community.  It also gives us, as employers, an opportunity to gain prospective employees.  The students are partly trained in Retail before they come to us, so it gives us a head start and enables us to mould them to suit our Retail requirements.  We have employed quite a few since joining the program.”

Dumaresq Street Cinema – Allison Moore, Manager, “We empathise with our region’s young people.  We had teenage children and knew how hard it was to get them opportunities to become skilled in the work place. We enjoy giving students the opportunity to put what they are learning in the classroom to good use in the work force.  It is also a good way to identify potential employees.  If they work well in the week they are with us, they stand a good chance of being hired.”

Endeavour Park Equestrian Centre – Ineke Thomson, Owner/Operator, “I wish work placement was around when I was younger.  It is a unique and rare opportunity for young people who (in this instance) are looking for a career involving horses other than the racing industry.  Students help look after and lead the horses, assist clients get on the horses and interact with both adults and children.  They learn to be sensitive and empathetic to the client’s needs and learn how to work in a team environment.  I treat them like staff.  The MWLP work placement program is a great way for me to assess the students.” 

Sevaan Group – Jim Tzakos, Managing Director, “It is a good opportunity to source employees.  We tailor the work to suit the student, exposing them to a wide range of operations including laser cutting, machining and welding.  Those students demonstrating initiative and following instructions will be allowed to take on more.  It’s all about their attitude.”

Coles Harrington Park Plaza – David Taylor, Store Manager, “It is always good to give young people a chance and it is a great way to identify potential employees who will fit into the store, the team and who will be able to interact with the customers.  It is much better to be able to asses them in the week they are with us than having to decide after a short interview.”

Worldwide Travel & Tours, Chullora Marketplace – Nora Baghdadi, Senior Consultant, “It’s all about the students.  We enjoy giving them a head start in life and teaching them how to interact with our customers.  The best way to learn is to watch how our staff deals with the public.  It’s satisfying to see the students grow in confidence in the time they are with us.”

Jamaica Blue – Dean Kallas, Owner/Manager, “It is definitely the best way to interview. The qualities I look for are punctuality, a good work ethic, how students interact with the customers and staff and a great attitude.  I get a sense of their employability skills and the students have the chance to decide if Hospitality is for them.”

Carrington – Katherine Perkins, Organisational Development Coordinator, “The majority of students display a very high level of skill and service orientation and they communicate in a thoughtful and meaningful way with our residents.  The students use their initiative and are very hardworking and willing to learn.  They actively contribute to Carrington achieving its administrative objectives.”

Picton High School – Vanessa Harrison, Vocational Education and Training Teacher, “Business services is a good HSC course providing students with a solid grounding in level entry office skills.  It gives them a good insight into what they have to do in the work place.  Last year almost all of my Business Services class were offered casual or part-time positions.”

Fans Computers – Cameron Wheatley, Manager, All of the students seem to really enjoy their time here.  We tailor the work to suit the student.  They take on the small jobs which free up staff to concentrate on the more complicated tasks.  They can be boring for us but exciting for them.  The students definitely add value to our business.  Some even come back to buy parts and it is great to hear that they have gone on to secure some exciting positions in their field.”

Hard Rock Café, Darling Harbour – Jess Logan, Sales & Events Coordinator, “We recruit students, at no cost, to assist with our busy workload and get to identify students with potential.  It’s the best way to interview.  We treat the students the same way we treat our staff.  Should someone be late they are disciplined.  It teaches them basic work and life skills.  There are many positive outcomes and they even bring us business.  The students enjoy their time here and come back with their family and friends to experience Hard Rock Café as a customer.  We couldn’t recommend the work placement program highly enough.”

Birrong Boys High School – Bernie Livermore, VET Coordinator, “The work placement program is invaluable in connecting our students to industry and the students get to practice what they have learnt in the classroom.  I have had students offered apprenticeships in Plumbing, Electrical and Carpentry while they were still in Year 11.  They were work ready and keen to start their careers.  It is a win/win situation.”

Dean Brown Construction – Dean Brown, Owner/Director, “I team the students up with our apprentices.  The apprentices get to work on their supervisory skills and they enjoy having other young people around them.  I try to make the experience a bit of fun.  The students start with a safety induction and then assist with general labouring duties.  I am passionate about young people and encourage them to relax and enjoy their time here.  It’s a wonderful way for them to assess whether Construction is the career for them and it’s a great way for me to assess their potential.”

Wiley Park Girls High School – Maree Sammut, VET Coordinator, “Work placement is an excellent opportunity for students to put theory and skills into practice and for them to connect to the workforce.  Two Retail students have been offered casual positions this year already.  The feedback I get from employers is that they are impressed with the standard of students.  They are well dressed and keen to undertake tasks.”

Myer Bankstown – Tushar Makkar, Operations Manager, “I observe students throughout their week and know the ones I would like to offer casual positions to.  I have hired quite a few through this program.”

Precedent Productions – Steve Loe, Managing Director, “We help students experience a taste of the office environment.  We hope that in the short time they are with us we can motivate them to do better and reach their goals.  We also like to give back to the community.  The students are a valuable resource and the tasks they undertake make our staff members’ jobs easier.  The students are enthusiastic.  Many of them make a special effort to come in and see us a week before they start.  They are often early and are keen to help in the week they are with us.  I would encourage other businesses to consider hosting students.”

Art by Tiles – Domenic Spagnolo, Co-owner, “Supply of tradesmen is low and we need to be encouraging the students.  We discuss our trade and explain the many other construction trades to give the kids an idea of what is available.” 

Art by Tiles – John Pacini, Co-owner, “The students mostly labour for us, clean the tiles, move tiles and keep the area clear of dust.  We like to keep them busy and have had quite a few girls come through the MWLP Linking Youth program.  We encourage students to ask questions and have offered some of them casual work.  The program is a good way to assess their potential.”

Horizon Theatre Group – Maddy Slabacu, Artistic Director, “We believe art and theatre can contribute to the foundation of a young person.  We work with the students to help them express emotion and cover issues such as stalking, bullying, emotional, financial and social abuse and intimidation  Some students also get to work with disabled kids as we are big on breaking down barriers, including age, faith and culture. Often without realising it the students develop their own personal skills from working with others.  We often host five students at a time.”

Vaby’s Mediterranean Grill – Dominik Ocheduszko, Owner/Manager/Chef, “The Work Placement is a good trial.  I can assess the suitability of the student in the week they are here.  Many of them have been offered casual work and are still working here today.  It is a great way for young people to see if they want to be in the Hospitality trade.  They can even bring you business.  They tell their friends and parents to come back and check us out – which is always a good thing.”

Macarthur Automotive Honda – Scott Tidyman, Service Manager, “Good, local employees are hard to find.  By providing students with the opportunity to do work placement, it gives you a chance to see what they are suited to and they also get an opportunity to see if the job meets their expectations.  It is a win/win situation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Your most profitable employee could be just around the corner.”

Campbelltown Catholic Club – Paul Rifkin, Head Chef, “It gives them an opportunity to experience real catering operations first hand and gives us a chance to find future employees with a great attitude and a desire to work in catering.  I enjoy discovering students who have become apprentice chefs here and qualified as chefs; then spread their wings and achieved scholarships overseas to further their opportunities.”

Paul adds “I find the MWLP Work Placement Program the best way to discover talent.   I look for a glint in the eye, someone sitting on the edge of their seat.  You can teach skill but you can’t teach attitude.”

“Be part of building young people in a positive and uplifting environment.  Enjoy the discovery of young talent and developing them into successful members of the community and workforce”, says Paul.

Cougar Powder Coating – Larry Beaver, Owner and Business Manager, “It is a two way street.  The kids love it.  They get to see first-hand what working life is like in a factory.  We see how they work and assess their attitude.  We currently employ one full time worker and 4 casuals that have all come via the MWLP Work Placement Program. All businesses should give it a go.”

Belgenny Farm – Lyndal Bruce, Office Manager, “The students love their placements at Belgenny Farm.  Our Chairman Dr. Cameron Archer is passionate about our youth and that’s why we have continually taken students since 2001.  I would encourage other businesses to become part of the MWLP program.  It is rewarding not only for us but definitely for the students.”

Best & Less Narellan – Emma Biddle, Store Manager, “They bring a different dynamic to our business with their new knowledge and skills.  It provides them with real life experience of the industry and we get the opportunity to offer some of them employment.  It shows the student that hard work really pays off.”

Emma adds “I encourage other businesses to get involved with MWLP to help students learn new skills as well as teach students all about an industry that they have a passion for.”

Endeavour Kitchens – Rohil Chand, Owner/Manager, “I like to make the learning a bit of fun.  The students that ask the most questions definitely get the most out of the placement. Some students have no idea of what to expect and it is rewarding to see how much they learn in the week they are with me.  I encourage more businesses to get involved with MWLP and help students learn about their industry.”

JLM Conveyancing – Jacinta Maas, Principal, “The MWLP Work Placement Program is well organised and well run.  Organisations that aren’t yet involved should just bite the bullet and do it.  They will definitely get something back.  I enjoy having the students and see them excel.  It is very rewarding.”

Tahmoor Garden Centre – Steve Hollingworth, Owner, “It’s good to show the students what working in my industry is like.  These students are our future and some have been offered casual work after school and on weekends here at the Garden Centre.  It is rewarding to see the students develop confidence during their time here”.

Tyrepower Campbelltown – Garry Foreman, Owner, “It’s good to be surrounded by young people.  They have a different outlook on life and it’s great to share their knowledge and wisdom. All kids have to learn about business and careers somewhere.  Teach them about your business, teach them your trade and hopefully engage them in the future.”

MultiTECH – Graham Nicholls, Manager, “A little bit of extra time invested in our youth today means a lifetime to them.  Work with MWLP and gain the rewards of gratification.”

NRMA Campbelltown – Rebecca Kerin, Manager, “Being a host employer is a very rewarding way to help our local young people grow personally and become job ready.  The MWLP team makes it a very easy process for your business and you are able to pick the weeks that work best for you and offer as many or as few weeks as you are able,” adds Rebecca.

Hog’s Breath Café, Narellan – Bob Hayden, Franchisee/Manager, “It’s good to give back and help kids know if they are suited to the industry – otherwise it can be a waste of time for everyone.  A lot of the students have no idea of just what is involved.  The program is also a great way to interview.  One of our chefs, Ben Schollenberger, came through the MWLP-Linking Youth program from Picton High School and he’s great.  We have also hired a lot of casuals.”

Offshore Carpentry Services – Brad Wiggins, Director/Owner, “I like to help the next generation to become skilled tradesmen and women, and also to potentially find new employees for my company.  I have already employed four Apprentices from the MWLP-Linking Youth Program”, he said.

“It can be a really rewarding experience to assist somebody to reach their dream career.  It is good for the students and we get a free pair of hands to assist our Tradesmen,” adds Brad.

Helloworld – Vanessa Baxter, Manager, “Get behind the young ones.  They have got to learn.  I love it – especially sharing the knowledge of the industry.”

Comentech – Chris Vine, Owner/Manager, “The MWLP Program is a good way to find young people that are capable and enthusiastic.  I make an effort to get to know the students.  I take them out on jobs and get them running cables, setting up projectors and PA systems and putting up lights, etc.  Quite often the students don’t have a realistic view of what is actually involved.  I think it’s worthwhile to teach them everything and I love to be asked questions.”

Rydges Campbelltown – Brett Barlow, General Manager, “I would encourage other businesses to join the MWLP Program.  It’s a good opportunity to give back.  It’s also a great way to impart knowledge and to identify up and coming talent.  I find it useful to train up staff in areas of staff induction, supervision, co-ordination of work and follow up.”

Southwell Lifts & Hoists – Stephen Cantrill, Production Manager, “The pool of talent is diminishing and boilermakers are becoming scarce.  We need to attract young people to our trade and that is why we give students from the MWLP Program a chance to get on-site training.”

Trade Secret Campbelltown – Jakki Titherington, Manager, “The youth are our future.  Give them a go.  We all have to learn.  It’s win-win.  When we take the students on afterwards, as casuals, they know the day to day running of the business.  They know what to expect and fit in well having completed a previous work placement with us.”

Glenwood Public School – Anne Webb, Principal, “It is a wonderful opportunity to give young people a taste of work and a desire to further their studies and to set them up in a great career in their chosen profession.”

32 Degrees Building – Alistair Robertson, Managing Director, “MWLP streamlines everything.  They look after all the paperwork.  We are always looking to employ apprentices and being able to assess them on the job for a week is an ideal way to interview.  It helps the students attain their HSC as the work placement is compulsory.  We need to get young people trained properly.  Unfortunately some kids slip through the cracks.  They may not be great at school but could be great with their hands and great with people.  These kids could also make you lots of money.”

LJ Hooker Camden – Miriam Roberts, Director, “Not only are you giving back to the community but you can save up all those little jobs and get an extra pair of hands to assist you.  It helps the students as they don’t get their HSC unless they complete a successful placement and you also get to promote your business.  It is rewarding to see the students achieve throughout the week and leave with a greater understanding of business and even some great tips on how to rent a property.  Not only do they learn clerical skills but their confidence soars with a wealth of life skills as well.”

Phoenix Aluminium – Geoff Dick, Owner, “Get in and have a go.  It can be very rewarding.  MWLP takes care of everything.  They are professional and phone me every Friday to see how the student, for that week, has gone.”

Panarottis Macarthur Square – Peter Gossayn, Owner, “The students are of a very high standard.  They are enthusiastic and have a very good work ethic.  I have employed many students from the program as casuals or as apprentice chefs.  It’s a great way to assess students and you get to challenge the really good ones.”

Visual Sounds – Cameron Leckenby, “Most students see it as glamorous work and it gives us satisfaction teaching students that there is a serious side.  We think the MWLP program is great.  You can end up finding a perfect student to fit in with your business profile.  We have actually employed a former work placement student and she is great.”

East Coast Brackets – Andrew McLoughlin, Owner/Manager, “I remember the opportunity I was given when I was younger.  It is how I got into the trade.  It’s great to be in a position where I can pass on some skills.  Some of the work placement kids have come back as paid casuals.  They are also appreciative of the time we put into them.  They fit into our team well.  I have even been given a box of chocolates.”

Sizzler Campbelltown – Carl Holtham, Restaurant General Manager, “There are lots of benefits to business and the community.  MWLP takes care of everything.  It’s excellent for staff development too.”

Fair Dinkum Tiling – Jon Bancroft, Owner/Operator, “The students offer you assistance.  They keep the job site tidy and run lots of errands.  I enjoy giving back to the community and believe the MWLP program is great.  It’s a benefit to you and to the community and you’ve got nothing to lose.”

Be Healthy Macarthur Square – Nabil Courtelis, Owner, “It is an excellent way to introduce students to the work environment.  I’ve found the students to be eager and enthusiastic and I’ve employed three great casuals from the Program.”

John Warby Public School – Julie Bourke, Deputy Principal, “We all had to start somewhere and work placement is an ideal way for young adults to get a taste of potential careers.  The more businesses there are providing positive early work experiences, the more young people will learn to enjoy their lives in meaningful employment.”

Macarthur Automotive, Mercedes Benz – Chris Ferry, Service Manager, “Get involved.  It’s great for the student, the business and the community as a whole.  It’s particularly good for us as we get to identify the students with a definite interest in the automotive trade.  It’s also ideal for us as we get to showcase our business.”

Campbelltown Golf Club – Darren Neate, Head Chef “You can make a difference in someone’s life just by mentoring them for one week.  It will help you and the student, grow and mature as an individual.  We have had some excellent students resulting in us hiring four waitresses, one kitchen hand and multiple apprentices – all from the MWLP program.”

“It’s a good opportunity to see the calibre of Macarthur’s youth.  We get to screen those with potential that will ultimately benefit the company.  The students are encouraged to ask lots of questions to assess whether this industry is right for them.  It’s a win-win situation.”
Breseight Australia – Mel McNair

 “I’d encourage other businesses to join the MWLP program.  You can make a difference and give aspiring students a chance to learn something in their future industry that they might not learn soon enough.  They even bring you business.”
Page One Technologies – Angel Georgieff, Director

 “There should be a greater emphasis given to employing more apprentices.  I was given an opportunity when I was young.  Try it.  Give the students some time and help them decide if it’s the industry for them.”
Brownlow Hill Building Services – Wayne Weatherburn, Owner/Director

“The program is great for the students and business alike.  MWLP takes care of all the paperwork making it easy for your business to be involved.”
YWCA Campbelltown – Alice Roach, Receptionist

 “There is nothing better than seeing a student keen to learn and taking away with them a great experience.  I encourage other businesses to join the program and support our youth by giving them skills for the future.”
Talese Automotive – Tom Talese, Managing Director

“I get such a buzz out of giving these kids a go.  Seeing their confidence soar is so rewarding.”
Wests Tigers Gearzone – Deanne Solomons, Store Manager

“The quality of the students is amazing.  We have taken quite a few on as casuals.  The MWLP program is a good way for any business to sample the great talent we have here in Macarthur.  All the students we have had were very keen and have given us some interesting and fresh ideas.  It also helps us to improve our training methods.”
Outback Steakhouse – Matthew Zahorsky, Manager

“HSC students need to discover the many career options that are available to them.  We had a student who was a really fast learner and thoroughly enjoyed his MWLP work placement.  Today he is our 2nd year Apprentice and an important part of our team.  Get on board with MWLP.  It’s great to help out these young students who will be running the Macarthur in a few years from now!”
Peace Engineering – Robert Mason, Managing Director

“If you are not involved with the MWLP program, pick up the phone and talk to them. It will be beneficial to your company. You get an insight into your business from a young person’s perspective. The MWLP team look after all the students and host employers.”
Alphazone Computers – Vincent Chan, Manager

“Students get down and dirty. They assist the tradesmen, dig trenches and lay pipes.  I particularly enjoy the look and reaction of some of the students when they attend their first blocked sewer – it’s like they are saying you can’t be serious. Get on board. It’s a great experience for both yourself and the work placement students.”
Barker Plumbing – Wayne Newman, Owner/Director

“I believe there isn’t one business that wouldn’t benefit from taking a student.  It’s a genuine win-win situation.  Give it a go – just try it! You never know the experience might even bring you more business.  It has certainly helped ours.”
Career Origin – Rebecca Stewart, Director

“The MWLP program allows us to ‘try before we buy’.  We get to see the students at work and can assess their attitudes, skills and passion for the job.  Over the years many students have gained casual employment and it’s a great way for them to work out if Retail is the right career for them.”
K-Mart Campbelltown – Darryl Dallas, Store Manager

“The MWLP program is fantastic for our school.  It’s a win/win situation for our pupils, the HSC students and our staff.  The assistance the students give us is great and it feels good to give back.  Everyone should get involved as if we don’t provide these opportunities to students then who will?”
Curran Public School – Kathy Strong, Principal

“The students are eager to be involved and it’s a thrill to see some of them actually applying for apprenticeships further down the track.  Not only do we take Primary Industries students, we also offer work placement opportunities to students studying Entertainment and Tourism.”
The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan – Dan Bishop, Manager Horticulture

“It’s a win/win situation. Students get to see what the workforce is all about and I get to see if any kids are good enough to work here.  The MWLP program is excellent.  It costs you nothing and you get to meet a whole bunch of great kids.  The parents are grateful too often bringing in little gifts – it’s brilliant.”
Pro-Axle Narellan – Bryan Freestone, Owner/Director

“I wish the program was around in my day.  I had to continually knock on doors before I got to show someone my potential.  This program is fantastic.  There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain for both the student and the business.  We offered one student an apprenticeship in the same week he commenced his work placement.”
Accent Ventilation Pty Ltd – Graham Warrington, Installation Coordinator

“It’s a great way to promote your business and find staff.  We’ve employed at least six casuals from the program.”
Macquarie Links International Golf Club – Ved Prasad, Executive Chef/Food and Beverage Manager

“The enthusiasm and interest shown by the MWLP students is a testament to the positive impact such an experience can have.  Given the many opportunities available across local government, Council is an ideal organisation for students to get a taste of the work environment, providing them with practical knowledge and experience that will assist them in their career choices in the areas of Business Services, Construction, IT and Tourism.”
Campbelltown City Council – Paul Lake, Mayor

“It’s a great program. The students are keen and well mannered. They eagerly take on the smaller tasks that free up our technicians and sales people to concentrate on more complex tasks. We have been so impressed with the calibre of the students we offered one student casual employment and he has now been trained to work in all our departments.”
Harvey Norman Campbelltown – Tim Duggan, Manager.

“It’s a great way to get extra help and even good staff.  One of our students impressed us so much we employed him as a casual through the holidays.”
Mid-State Constructions – Brad Terry, Owner.

“We recognise the importance of giving students the opportunity of experiencing real life workplace activity.  We run a facility that emphasises the importance of OH&S, customer service and attention to detail which are all attributes needed by students entering the workforce.”

“The local business community can play an important role in offering young kids a pathway or opportunity into life after school.  We see that placing students into workplace learning programs gives them a sense of purpose and lessens the fear they have of life after school.”
MTM Group Australia Pty. Ltd. – Brooke Grech, Managing Director.

“We’ve had fantastic work placement students from MWLP who fit right in, get on with the job and eventually we hired them. Get involved – there’s always a diamond in the rough.”
Lowes Narellan – Bob Ivastanin, Store Manager.

“It’s great to be able to give back to the community and help our next generation of employees.  The students are eager and we enjoy seeing how quickly they develop and adapt to an adult work environment in just one week.  It’s also gives the kids the chance to see whether Automotive is the trade for them.  We get the added bonus of assessing their potential for any upcoming vacancies.”
Clintons Motor Group – Daniel Ashton, Service Manager.

“The program can help expose your business to the younger generation.  You get the opportunity to assess each student’s potential and hopefully guide them on their career pathway.   We recently had a student, who did their work placement in 2009, come to us looking for work and he’s now employed as a casual.”
Proweld Engineering – Jason Boyce, Foreman.

“It is a great way to tap into a pool of young talent and find the right person for you.  We have hired apprentice chefs, kitchen hands and waitresses through this fantastic program.”
Wests Leagues Club – Diana Lawrence, Function Co-ordinator/Catering Supervisor.

“The students are amazing.  They’re funny, kind, generous and brilliant. Give the students a go.  Your business may learn something new – these kids are our future.”
Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living – Helen Byfield-Fleming, Centre Co-ordinator.

“Get involved with the program.   You get to ‘try before you buy’.  The students bring fresh ideas to your business and often they bring you customers.  We’ve been so impressed with the calibre of kids that in 2008 we offered one student casual employment and he’s still with us.  We nominated one of our students, Jeyla Suman for 2010 Work Placement Student of the Year and she won! She was amazing.”
Notebook Solutions – Ali Shafqat, Director.

“Get involved.  It opens your eyes to the fact that there are some really good kids out there who might need the chance to get a head start.  It also benefits the company as you get to see these potential employees before they hit the market.”
Kordovan Homes – Michael Sincek, Director.

“It’s a good way to assess young people and give them the opportunity to sample an occupation before committing to it.  I think all Macarthur businesses should become involved.  Give it a go.  Help our youth to help themselves.”
Campbelltown Frames and Trusses – Dave Neilson, Truss Foreman.

“Local business should give back to the community. Someone took the time to train me and I really appreciated it. Get young people involved in your industry and your business.”
DWP Network Automotive – David Perry, Owner/Manager.

“Support the students. They are our future. MWLP takes care of all the paperwork and supplies us with good quality students. So good in fact that some are offered casual positions with us.”
Crème Della Crème – Robbie Green, Owner.

“Get involved. We are running out of quality tradespeople.”
Accurate Building Services – Frank Paine, Owner and Director.

“All of the students we host seem to really enjoy their time here. We hope they take their new skills and use them to their advantage in their future studies and careers. We have been involved with student work placements for around 14 years. All the students put in a great effort. It’s really gratifying when they come back years later and inform us of what they are doing today.”
Fans Computers – Cameron Wheatley.

“Students experience first-hand how events are co-ordinated. They are included as part of the team and don’t just observe. We invite the students to the event they have assisted with, giving them the responsibility of the event’s success. This is a wonderful program and we would encourage other businesses to become involved.”
Belgenny Farm – Lyndal Bruce.

“We see it as a way for students to generate an understanding of engineering and a way for us to see first-hand potential employees and a way to give something back to the local community. Our workforce comes from the local area and the students also come from local schools. It’s a great program and we encourage other local businesses to be involved.”
Nepean Engineering – David Fuller, Chairman.

“It provides great training for students and allows us to assess them in the workplace. There’s no better way to interview. Previously we employed qualified chefs, but found it much better to recruit these brilliant MWLP students and train them our way.”
The Gardens Restaurant – Kylie Brooks, Owner/Manager.

“Some of my work placement students lack self confidence and are shy. After working with us, answering phones and greeting customers, the changes in them by the end of the week are amazing. Their confidence and self esteem grows and they become confident and happy and most of all, they enjoy the experience. I would strongly recommend that Macarthur businesses become involved. They will be pleasantly surprised at the level of enthusiasm and talent our young adults have.”
Vanga Travel – Nadya Noonan, Owner/Manager.

“I think every small business should get involved in this great program. It really doesn’t cost much – only some dedicated time to help create the next generation’s workforce. It is always great to have a student who already has an understanding about our industry and wants to achieve something in their life. It gives them the opportunity to rethink or confirm their career strategy.”
Arex – Wilton Engineering Pty Ltd – Mitchell Heffernan, Managing Director.

“The future of the automotive industry depends on young people being trained and starting at the HSC level, will entice more young people to, hopefully, enter the motor vehicle trades. Join the program and you may find a future apprentice.”
Camex-Dendai Auto Electrical & Mechanical – Allan Michell, Director and Owner.

“The program is well structured with strong support from MWLP staff. Students are well presented, mature, keen and willing to learn. It’s a great way to assess students before offering them possible work.”
Target Macarthur Square – Lynne Littlewood, Operations Manager.

“BCP has been involved with the work placement program coordinated by MWLP for a number of years now. MWLP’s co-ordination of the program is excellent. Benefits are evident not only for the students of Macarthur but for the businesses that host these students. Students gain a better understanding of the workforce and businesses get a snapshot of potential future employees. BCP Group Services recommends the experience.”
BCP Group Services – Judy McDonald, Group Administrator.

“I really appreciate the fact that the students already have some experience in retail. They know about customer service and it’s great to give the students the opportunity to put their knowledge and training into practice. After their week long placement they are more confident and work ready. In fact, we have taken quite a few students on as casuals following their work placement.”
Spotlight Campbelltown – Kelly, Department Manager.

“It’s a win-win situation – Carrington wins by assisting the youth of Macarthur, our potential future workforce, and developing the skills of our staff. The student wins by coming to an organisation that is innovative, caring and supports their development. You too can join and make a difference.”
Carrington Centennial Care – Raad Richards, Chief Executive.

“Supporting local schools and students is not only valuable to the community, but Bush’s benefit from the students as well.”
Bush’s Pet Foods – Stuart Harman, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain.

“It’s a fantastic way to see the quality of young people in the area.”
Bush’s Pet Foods – Sue McIntosh, Purchasing Administrator.

“I wish this type of hands-on learning was around when I went to school in the 1960s. I can only say that local businesses should get behind this great opportunity to help young people to see if they will enjoy working in your business. I have always believed that it’s not hard for business to give a little back to the community.”
PR & DJ Worthington – Peter Worthington, Owner/Director.

“Why wouldn’t businesses get involved. We’re talking young, highly motivated HSC students that have a willingness to learn and function in a team environment. All students are vetted; teachers liaise with us and MWLP takes care of everything. It’s a fantastic program and I have some wonderful staff that I would have never have had the chance to meet had it not been for this program. I’ve benefitted greatly and have been able to provide a way forward for many of these kids to further their studies at university.”
Lightstorm Computers – David Hodge, Owner/Director.

“Some students come in on the Monday morning with little or no self confidence and by the time they leave on the Friday afternoon they are answering phones and assisting customers. It is such a great feeling to see them walk out the door a more confident person and knowing that you helped them achieve that.”
Macarthur Travel Service – Elaine Wilson, Owner.

“It’s been great for us and great for the kids that have been involved. I think we’ve probably had over 200, maybe 220, kids come through the program with us and we’ve actually got some very good employees out of it.”
Marsdens Law Group – Jim Marsden, Senior Partner.

“We actually pick a lot of young fellows who want to do an apprenticeship in Engineering. It gives them an opportunity to see how business works. Broens Industries strongly recommend other companies to take young people for work (placement) experience as our company does.”
Broens Industries – Carlos Broens, Managing Director.

“We give the students experience in many areas; digging trenches, helping the carpet layer, to the plumber, electrician and painter. I recommend all other construction industries within Macarthur use these students as they are a benefit to you.”
Hansen Yuncken – Mick Fench, Site Manager.

“The hospitality industry is always looking for skilled employees and it is important that we, as employers, keep the industry needs alive through giving the younger generation a chance. I recommend this program to everyone in my industry.”
Macquarie Links International Golf Club – Ved Prasad, Executive Chef.

“This is my way of helping the community out. It also promotes the business and helps the kids out as well. They (MWLP) have been dealing with us for nearly four years now. All my staff is from the MWLP program. They (the students) don’t just surf the net, I actually do get them to do work. It’s a great program for the community and I highly recommend it.”
Zip Computers – Jay Prakash, Manager.

“Get involved with the MWLP program. Look at the big picture. This is a great way to keep in touch with youth and get to see students work before actually employing them. Someone gave me an opportunity and I’m more than happy where I am today. Give youth a go – they are your future.”
Medicar Smash Repairs – Ray Lauricella, Owner/Director.

“Our organisation is proud to be a supporter of local students gaining hands on knowledge in the hospitality industry and, in turn, those students help us to provide our services to the community. It’s a win-win situation. I know how valuable work placement was for me personally, in helping me gain employment in the Macarthur area.”
Campbelltown RSL – David Rogers, Executive Chef.

“MWLPs program is a great way to find keen young people to fill positions within the company. Several of these students have been employed as casuals during school holidays and weekends and it keeps us in touch with the youth market. They even help to bring us customers long after they have left school.”
Sureflo Exhaust – Greg Stevenson, Owner and Manager.

“We commit to giving back to our community. Our background is education and working with MWLP fits perfectly. Seeing students achieve in the workplace – being able to face challenges and conquer deadlines with optimism. Raising self esteem is what it’s all about. It is definitely the best way to interview. Brainwave Learning Centre has employed two exceptional students from this program. It’s tremendous. Thank you MWLP.”
Brainwave Learning Centre – Margaret Chivers, Owner.

“We see this as an opportunity to give a little bit back to the community and it’s a great way to support our local youth. Even though we don’t take on apprentices, we can recommend it as a great way of assessing a young person’s potential. We’ve had some terrific kids work here.”
Competitive Constructions – Matt Callender, Site Services Manager.

“Local business should make an effort to support the local community. It’s a win/win situation. We not only support the community, we get an extra pair of hands at no charge and the student gets the opportunity to experience valuable hands-on, relevant work. They definitely get their hands dirty fixing computers, reinstalling software, building new computer systems and preparing computers for sale. The students also receive a little spiel on work ethics.”
MultiTECH – Graham Nicholls, Manager.