June 30, 2014

Resources and Useful Links


Australian Apprenticeships Centres

Aus NAC – MG My Gateway Campbelltown – http://www.mygateway.org.au

Other Australian Apprenticeship Centres that service the Region although located outside the Region include CVGT, MEGT, MAS National, & Australian Business Limited Apprenticeships Centre – Liverpool, Mission Australia-Parramatta and WESROC- Blacktown. Other ACCs that can also be of assistance are available on the New Apprenticeships Hotline on 13 38 73 or www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au.

Group Training Organisations

MG My Gateway – Campbelltown – http://www.mygateway.org.au
Aboriginal Employment Strategy – Campbelltown – http://www.aes.org.au
All NSW and Australian Group Training Companies are listed – http://www.gtaltd.com.au


South West Sydney Institute of TAFE-Campuses located at Campbelltown and Macquarie Fields


NSW Education and Training Advisers

Gail Silman, Ai Group 9466 5566
Milton Owen, Ai Group 9466 5566

Industry Bodies

MACROC – http://www.macroc.nsw.gov.au
Chambers of Commerce – Macarthur – contact details below
South West Sydney Business Enterprise Centre – https://www.swsydneybec.com.au

Industry Skills Councils

The role of the ISCs is to identify and respond to the skilling needs of their industries. To achieve this, they must be well connected to their stakeholders, develop training packages that accurately reflect industry needs and provide leadership in workforce development that is based on the latest industry intelligence.

From this position, the ISCs have examined the current impacts of environmental sustainability on their industry sectors and implemented a range of initiatives to address current and emerging priorities. In addition, they have collectively developed a range of principles to ensure that their activities are well targeted and effective.

Environmental sustainability requires the design and provision of products and services that incorporate and promote waste minimisation and the efficient and effective use and reuse of resources. The overall goal of achieving environmental sustainability incorporates a wide range of practices. These include personal responsibility, analysis skills, for example product lifecycle analysis, transparency, including compliance auditing and reporting, conservation, and waste management. It requires a climate of innovation, collaboration and leadership. Ultimately, it must support the deployment of technologies and work practices and build Australia’s workforce capacity to achieve environmentally sustainable outcomes. In order to achieve this, the ISCs propose three essential guiding principles to underpin all VET activity.

Industry Skills Councils
Collective Website

Regional Development Australia

Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a partnership between the Australian, state and territory and local governments to support the growth and development of Australia’s regions. RDA committees will build partnerships between governments, regional development organisations, local businesses, community groups and key regional stakeholders to provide strategic and targeted responses to economic, environmental and social issues affecting the regions of Australia. The national RDA Charter [PDF: 48 KB] sets out the areas of focus for the RDA network.


NSW Department of Industry and Investment

Industry & Investment NSW has been established to assist in building a diversified state economy that creates jobs. We aim to attract investment to NSW and support innovative, sustainable and globally competitive industries through our strong technical knowledge and scientific capabilities. We do this through effective partnerships with our industry sectors and by linking them to our state’s knowledge and skills capacity.


Skills Information

Skills Info provides a range of skills related information for industries and regions. The website offers a broad range of information on employment, careers, education and training and specific skills issues – including workforce ageing, skills demand, labour force data , ICT and employability skills.


Dusseldorp Skills Forum

Dusseldorp Skills Forum develops and advances the innovative practices of those who engage young Australians in acquiring skills for a sustainable future. The forum is an independent, not for profit body that funds its own work.


Contact Janelle Henson MWLP Linking Youth on 4625 1863 or 0448 852 762.