Education is the winner at the 2018 World Teachers Awards

Our children’s futures are in excellent hands judging by the calibre of teachers represented at the recent 2018 World Teachers Awards held recently at Concord Golf Club.

Hundreds of guests witnessed 57 worthy recipients receive awards for excellence.

The 2018 Primary School Division Winner Mark Gannon from Trinity Grammar School commented “It is incredibly humbling to be selected as a winner and I feel blessed to be in the position that I am in today. It is a great reflection of the culture of support and collegiality at Trinity Grammar Preparatory School. I am the teacher that I am today because of the teachers that surround, challenge and inspire me every day.”

The 2018 Secondary School Division Winner was Jason Borg from Georges River Grammar who commented: “I am beyond thankful to the Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales for providing a platform for Early Career Teachers to share my experiences in such formative years of my practice and my passion for education. The experience worked to reignite and reaffirm my choice to enter the teaching profession. My belief that no teacher stands alone in their achievements was emphasised with the support, messages and congratulations of my colleagues, senior leadership team, Guild members, family, friends and students. Georges River Grammar has a strong sense of community and the support and mentoring I receive from the community is essential to my success. We are celebrating this as a win for the whole community and they took no time at all to publicise it all over school social media.”

Jason Borg (left) with The Hon. (Rob) Robert Gordon Stokes MP

The Guild Scholarship Winner was Giordi Poli, University of Sydney.

Matthew Esterman, a recipient of the World Teachers’ Recognition Award added “Being recognised with fellow educators by the Teachers’ Guild is humbling and enriching. It is a recognition that the profession has value, power and the ability to stand up and have its voice heard on its own terms.”

The night was organised by The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales with special guest and presenters The Hon. (Rob) Robert Gordon Stokes, MP, Minister for Education, Mr Jihad Dib, Member for Lakemba, Shadow Minister for Education and Mr Damien Tudehope, Member for Epping.

Dr Frederick Osman, President Teacher’s Guild of NSW said “This important occasion allowed us to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of all our teachers in an increasingly complex, multicultural and technological society.”

Mr Jihad Dib, Member for Lakemba, Shadow Minister for Education (left) with the Council of The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales

MWLP Linking Youth works closely with teachers and business to facilitate vital work placement opportunities for students studying VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses. They were proud to sponsor such a worthy event. MWLP’s CEO Dr. David Williams AM added “The role of the teacher is critical. What we have witnessed tonight are example after example of exemplary commitment and passion from a great band of individuals. Teachers rule!!!!”

MWLP CEO Dr David Williams AM

The Teachers’ Guild of NSW was established in 1892 and exists to promote and further the cause of education generally.

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31 October 2018