September 17, 2017

MWLP Suite of Services


Student Work Placement Readiness Talks during class or assembly

We would like to come and speak with your students prior to their work placement.

Student & Parent Work Placement Readiness Talks during Subject Selection Nights/Career Days at School

We want to connect with parents from your school so they understand the complexities of work placement. It also gives us an opportunity to get access to their employers and many of them have their own businesses that may take students.

Teacher Training in Pathways and MWLP Processes for New & Existing VET Coordinators or Teachers.

We want you to get more out of Pathways the program that we use for student work placement. We can show you how and help you with your PC skills if needed.

MWLP Networking Meetings with Industry Speakers

We arrange networking meetings for all VET Teachers so you can bounce ideas off each other and we organise industry speakers. A great opportunity to connect with MWLP, industry and colleagues.

Connection with Industry and Jobs for Students

We can send you info about apprenticeships and traineeships and other job opportunities that we would like to pass on to you and your students.

Offer Special Needs Student matching with appropriate Hosts

We offer a matching service for students with special needs to certain hosts as we know the hosts.

For any of these services contact your MWLP School Coordinator 4625 1863.