June 17, 2014

VET Teacher Guidelines

Below is the checklist used by class teachers to sign off on a student's Work Placement:

  • I have sighted the students Workcover General Induction card
  • The student has satisfactorily completed the WHS unit of course studied
  • The student has demonstrated regular attendance and punctuality
  • The student has a positive attitude to the concept of work placement
  • The student demonstrates effective communication with authority figures
  • The student can follow simple instructions
  • The student is familiar with the use of tools and equipment of the industry
  • The student has demonstrated the ability to seek assistance and ask questions
  • The student has demonstrated the ability to remain focused on tasks
  • The student has demonstrated the ability to work independently and in a team
  • ┬áThe student has completed the online activity @ go2workplacement and printed the certificate
  • The student has had all parties sign the Student Placement Record (SPR)
  • The student has called the Host employer prior to Work Placement
  • The student knows the location of the work placement and understands what transportation options they have for getting to and from the venue
  • The student is aware of the Honour Roll process