Job seekers find answers

Students, recent school leavers, parents and carers attended a Jobs for Youth Night held at Revesby Workers last Monday.

Guest speakers spoke of the benefits of undertaking Traineeships and Apprenticeships. The fact that young people can learn while they earn and be connected to industry was news very well received.

Jenny Bigwood attended with son Corey and said “I was not aware of such great resources being available for young people. I worry about how real estate prices are rising and how difficult it can be to get into the workforce. I used to think that University was the way to go. Tonight was a great opportunity for young people. It has been excellent.”

Corey spoke with two exhibitors My Gateway and Ai Group about apprenticeships in Landscaping, Horticulture and Bricklaying. He secured interviews with both companies. Corey said “Tonight has been really helpful. I’m really looking forward to my interviews and where they will lead me.”

Corey Bigwood, Leanne Suffolk and Jenny Bigwood

Brynn Magson recently completed Year 10 at Heathcote High. He attended with mum Natasha. He is considering leaving school and wanted to look at pathways and what opportunities were out there. He spoke to HVTC about Building and Electrical apprenticeships.

Natasha Magson, Brynn Magson, Natasha Gomes, Courtney Johnson

Dragan Louangamath recently graduated from Bonnyrigg High School. He attended with Roueida Maskaleh from the Navitas English Youth Employment Program. Dragan can’t wait to start an apprenticeship in either Electrical or Construction. He registered his interest with NECA Training & Apprenticeships. They are the industry association for electrical contractors and employ some 720 apprentices.

NECA’s representative Glenn Rochaix spoke to quite a few young people and was pleased with the calibre of applicants and hopes to attend more of these Jobs for Youth Nights next year.

Glenn Rochaix, Dragan Louangamath and Roueida Maskaleh

Noah Bligh is in Year 10 at Picnic Point High and attended with mum Rene and dad Trevor. He is not sure whether to remain at school and wanted to explore his options. He spoke with James Fairbank from HTN Apprentices about a possible career in Butchery.

James Fairbank, Trevor Noah and Rene Bligh

Sam Pobje is from St. Gregory’s College Campbelltown. He attended the night to look at possible options and future pathways. He signed up to the Jobs Board at Sarina Russo Apprenticeships and spoke to My Gateway who arranged an interview for an upcoming Electrical apprenticeship. He also registered with NECA Training and Apprenticeships.

Dad (Fred) commented “The night has been extremely beneficial. Sam has made some great connections with the possibility of quite a few interviews.”

Michelle Russell, Fred and Sam Pobje with Felicity Zeiher

Feedback from the night was extremely positive.

MWLP Linking Youth organised the event. They specialise in linking youth to business, careers and opportunity.

MWLP’s CEO Dr. David M Williams AM said “We get such a thrill from organising these nights. To see so many talented young people link with industry and get their careers sorted is very rewarding. We aim to run quite a few more in 2019.”

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5 December 2018