Operation: Food Drive

About The Project

Operation: Food Drive is a project that was created and put in action by students from various schools from around Sydney, with support from MWLP. We realised that many people around the Canterbury Bankstown area are in need of non-perishable food, so this project is working towards helping support them. We are aiming to collect as many non-perishable food items as possible over the oncoming weeks. By doing this, we can donate these items to the Salvation Army so the non-perishable items can distributed to families in need. Our target is to collect 1000 meals! This program is running over the next 7 weeks, and any donations can help!

Drop Off Points

Guest Services  

Non-Perishable food accepted Daily from 9-5pm

Student Table

Wednesday 9-3pm outside Supa IGA

non-perishable food or money accepted

Bank Transfer to the Salvation Army

-ACC name – the Salvation Army


ACC number- 000828

OFD as reference

Items That Can Be Donated:


  • Cereal Box / Pack
  • Long-Life Milk
  • Long-Life Juice
  • Teabags
  • Honey
  • Oats / Sultanas
  • Fruit / Protein Bars


  • Chips
  • Canned Tuna
  • Cruskits
  • Dry Fruits
  • Can Fruits
  • Fruit Cups
  • Canned Salmon


  • Dry Pasta
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Rice
  • Stir Fry
  • Mix Vegetables / Bean Mix
  • Instant Noodles
  • Canned Spam / Ham


How This Makes A Change

By donating to our project, you will be helping families from around the Canterbury Bankstown community. This project took into consideration the families that need help with things that others may find easy. By contributing you will not only be helping us but the Canterbury Bankstown area.


Saying Thank You!

Madeline St’ – Thankyou!


Who Is Involved

Business Services Work Placement Students from schools around the Canterbury Bankstown area have come together to plan and conduct the Operation: Food Drive project, organised by MWLP in support of The Salvation Army in Bankstown. Together we are working towards providing meals to families in need across the Canterbury Bankstown region.

Mid-program progress

Week 5 update- We have received non-perishable food items and are starting to prepare all of our
meals ready for donation. We have passed flyers around Bankstown Westfield and received multiple
donations totalling over $260. We are extremely grateful for everyone who came past and spread the
love, we appreciate you all.




Work Placement Students Involved:

Auburn Girls High School:

Aya Alameddine

Saane Bloomfield

Shamsia Syednadir

Bankstown Senior College: 

Kim Ruth Casiano

Mahdieh Seif

Fadumo Ilmi

Mahboba Hemmat

Beverly Hills Girls High: 

Yomna Ahmed

Dala Kassab

Iman Oukrit

Lana Zangana

Maryam Tariq

Selina Rivera

Ilsa Khan

Zhuoyan (Joyce) Yu

Frida Dabe

Sofiya Rahaman

Asmaa Laanani

Mona Reiga

Rasha Tia

Shamous Alkahi

Malak Abdullah

Tahani Reza

Saniya Hasan

Poeei Shwe

Sumaiya Chowdhury

Yadana Myin

Laila Fahs

Raukaya Hammoud


Birrong Girls High School:

Hibo muhumad

Adyan Al Helfi

Niemat Elamood

Jasmine Chaaraoai

Jumana Hihi

Georges River Grammar:

Joel Brodie

Joshua Ardizzone

Zena Bourgol

Joel Culevski

Lucas Krtovski

Ava Williams

Tania Truong

Timothy Phillips

Lucas Kotevski

Sean Bombaci

Julia Reilly

Patrick Reilly

Helen Nguyen

Mateo Boggio

Leo Zagas

Aaron McKay

Eamon McEwan

Bridgette Portelli

Ellah Ross

Piyathida Pinpreeprem

East Hills Girls Technology High School:

Hannah Tewhatewha

Niaz Darwich

Parvinder Jutla

Kayla Walker

Hayley Rowlands

Sarah Ali Ahmed

Batulle Chaaban

Rianne Nassouh

Mariam Kettab

Bianca Nguyen

Stephanie Stefanoski

Chevonne Brown

Punchbowl Boys High School:

Fayez Nasser

Walid Arja

Sebastian Bechara

George Ziade

Homebush Boys High School:

Emad Fayad

Yusuf Shand

Simon Ayoub

Thomas Saad

Tyler Limker

Al Sadiq College: 

Taliyah Mahmoud

Natalie Kahla

Rania Wassouf

Strathfield Girls High School:

Madison McGrath

Kate Whang

Chloe Zhou

Simay Erbil

Jasmine Jones

Uchral Ser-Od


Nithya Sri Kanagala

Holy Spirit Catholic College Lakemba: 

Chadia Saab

Annalise Ly

Bethlehem Tadele

Liddy Mudunavosa

Kwadwo Anim

George Nader

Jessica Fajloun

Richard Nguyen

Hannah Solomon


Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College:

Coner Colucci

Raquel Galluccio

Angelina Saify

Angelina Giannakopoulos

Monica-Lee Langatuki

Emily Truong

De La Salle Catholic College:

John Ristum

Ash Baker

Wiley Park Girls High School:

Maleka Nasser

Asya Simsek

Houda khassouk

Houda Aboucham

Batoul Kabbout

Trinity Catholic College

Hanie Alasmar

John Elbadaoui

Tyrone Manning

Giorgio Eldahr

Mikayla Formosa

Brayden Venegas

Smiley Vaisima

Nicole Feuiaki



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