June 17, 2014

About Work Placement – Parents/Families

What is Work Placement?


Work Placement is the compulsory component of the vocational education and training (VET) course that requires your child to participant in an actual work environment related to their course. They are expected to participate in work related activities that reflect the duties of their chosen course and aimed at their skill level.

The courses include Automotive, Business Services, Construction, Electrotechnology, Entertainment, Hospitality, Human Services, Information & Digital Technology, Metal & Engineering, Primary Industries, Retail and Tourism and carry an Australian Certificate Qualification.

How Does It Work?

In the work placement program, a volunteer host employer offers a student/s the opportunity to work as voluntary employees for 35 hours (usually in one week) in their business, which relates to the VET Course the student is completing. The number, timing and frequency of offers in a year are totally under the control of the employer.

MWLP liaises with businesses to see what opportunities they can offer over the year. Schools put in requests for what their students require and MWLP manages the process to make sure all requirements are met (including full insurance cover for the placement) and the needs of both parties are met.

For a great booklet about work placement please click on the link below:

Workplace Learning Guide for Parents & Carers 2017