September 17, 2017

How can I help my child?


Not only is work placement compulsory for your child to attain their Higher School Certificate, should they perform well whilst undertaking their placement they could be nominated by their Host Employer for the VET Student Awards. They could then be referred on for possible interviews for relevant traineeships and apprenticeships.

Tips to ensure your child excels at work placement:

  • * Has your child obtained all signatures on the Student Placement Record?
  • * Has your child called or visited the work placement venue prior to commencement of work placement?
  • * Have you and your child worked out how your child will travel to and from work placement? (Eg Due to your child studying Construction, the host employer will be a builder, so does your child have to be at work at 6am and what is the location of this 6am start?)
  • * Has your child done any research on the company that they are going to for work placement?
  • * Does your child have all the necessary equipment / tools / uniform for work placement?
  • * Have you spoken to your child about the importance of being punctual for work placement?
  • * Has your child informed all their teachers at school that they will be on work placement and the week they will be away from school?
  • * Has your child informed their coach and/or their boss (if they play sport or have a part time job) that they are on work placement and may miss training and/or work that week?