Real Estate brings careers to life

“Real Estate found me on completion of my work experience”, says Adrian Abrook, Director of LJ Hooker Marrickville | Dulwich Hill | Canterbury.

Way back in Year 10 Adrian undertook work experience in a real estate office.  He spent 3 ½ days opening boxes of calendars, rolling them, securing them with a rubber band and putting them back in boxes. The last 1 ½ days he actually got to deliver them.  He must have impressed management as, on completion of Year 12, he received an offer to be trained to manage property rentals.

Twenty years on Adrian is now Director of three LJ Hooker franchises.

Adrian strongly believes that we are ‘masters of the ship of our own destiny’ and that is one of the reasons why he feels the need to invest in young people and share his passion.

For over a decade Adrian and his team of 20, have been offering up to two students each week the opportunity to learn the real estate trade.  A framework has been put in place so that all students follow the same structure.  They are involved in data base entry, rental reviews, rental open houses, periodic inspections and letter box drops.  They even create their own bio and the students love it.

Jack Ho, Year 11, from Georges River Grammar, said “Working here has given me the feeling of being a real estate agent.  I’ve done a lot of property research and administrative tasks such as scanning, printing and filing.  I have also done letterbox drops for properties that the agent has sold or is selling.”

“I can see myself becoming a real estate agent in the future and this is a great beginning for me.”

Adrian tailors the work to suit the student.  He has a passion for youth and invests time in those students that are engaged and demonstrate a good work ethic.  Those that do more than what is asked of them stand out on his radar.

Adrian commented “These students are a benefit to business, no matter what industry.  You get an extra pair of capable hands, that are fully insured and willing to help.  I enjoy unlocking their potential and showing them how the real estate world works.  It is the best way to interview and we have employed quite a few staff.”

“I believe in the work placement program as I am an outcome from it”, adds Adrian.

Work placement provider, Michael Everett, from MWLP Linking Youth added “Programs like ours are of benefit to both business and young people.  Businesses get access to the workforce of the future and students get a taste of real working life.”

About MWLP:

MWLP is a not-for-profit community organisation.  Its work focuses on improving education and transition outcomes for all young people; especially in preparing them for the world of work, nurturing aspiration, career management and entrepreneurialism, whilst simultaneously addressing the ongoing needs of business.

They have been established for over 20 years and this year will place some 6,000 students into the workforce for work placement.

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