September 16, 2017

What do I have to do? – Young Person

GNS - Myer Bankstown with Nesrian small

Below is an important checklist that you need to go over before your placement!

  1. 1. Discuss placement with your teacher
  2. 2. Discuss the placement with your parents! Get the paperwork signed!
  3. Go2workplacement
  4. 3. Contact the employer as per the paperwork
  5. 4. Make sure you plan how to get to your work placement
  6. 5. Dress appropriately – check your paperwork
  7. 6. Take all equipment listed
  8. 7. Use WHS regulations and workplace specific rules as per your induction
  9. 8. Ask questions and show initiative. Interest and enthusiasm impresses employers
  10. 9. Switch off mobiles during work time and discourage friends from visiting you
  11. 10.Be friendly to your workmates, be well mannered and respect the property of others
  12. 11.Have realistic expectations – You will not be the head chef or the builder
  13. 12.Make sure you have your teacher’s contact details with you in case of any problems
  14. 13.Thank your employer at the end of the week
  15. 14.Go to and do an evaluation