Breakfast Ready

About The Project

Breakfast Ready! is a project that was created and put in action by Business Services students from various schools from around Sydney, with support from MWLP.

We realised that many people around the Canterbury-Bankstown area are in need of non-perishable breakfast foods, so this project is working towards helping support them.

We are aiming to collect as many boxes of cereal as possible over the oncoming weeks. By doing this, we can donate these items to the Salvation Army so the cereal boxes can be distributed to families in need. Our target is to collect 2000 cereal boxes! This program is running over the next 7 weeks, and any donations can help!

Items That Were Donated

Any branded cereal boxes including:

  • Weet Bix
  • Rice Bubbles
  • Corn Flakes
  • Fruit Loops
  • Coco Pops
  • Nutri Grain
  • Cheerios
  • And much more!

How Did This Make A Change?

By donating to the project, you helped families from around our community. The project took into consideration the families that need help with things that others may find easy. By contributing you will not only helped the students to achieve their goals but also the Canterbury-Bankstown community.

The program was run by Business Service Students on work placement in the Canterbury-Bankstown area.  They were supervised by an MWLP Youth’ank Hub coordinator and worked onsite with the partner charity, Salvation Army Bankstown. Together they worked to provide breakfast cereals for families in need.

Over the course of 10 weeks, 83 Business Services students took part in the hub and received donations of over 2,000 boxes of cereal which were donated to the Salvos.

This webpage was created by Business Services students.

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