Undies Aware

About the Project

Underwear is one of the most requested items by major charities. We as businesses services students are collaborating with MWLP and the Salvation Army to run a campaign to meet this basic need of individuals. Previous work placement students have run multiple fundraisers providing necessities for people’s needs such as the ‘breakfast ready!’ and ‘collect ‘a’ nappy’ campaigns.

Through discussions with the Salvation Army in Auburn, we have agreed to collect a range of underwear for all genders, ages and sizes. This project will ensure that everyone dignity is preserved. Our current target is 2000 pairs of undies.

“Would you wear someone else’s undies?”

How did we go?

Over the course of 9 weeks, 79 Business Services student’s successfully raised 1,625 pairs of brand new undies for the Salvation Army at Auburn!   

This webpage was created and edited by Work Placement students.

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