Job Seekers

Entry Level Academy

A National Priority Fund Program
MWLP have developed a four-stage program specifically designed to assist students in years 10, 11 & 12, who would like help transitioning from school into full time employment.

This program will:

  • Assist Careers Advisors & Teachers with specialised support for students seeking to leave school.
  • Guide students in identifying their strengths and potential career opportunities.
  • Assist students to be Work Ready for the transition from school to the workforce.
  • Support students to enter employment within an array of career opportunities.
  • Provide students with a competitive advantage when seeking employment.

Participants in the program will learn by way of presentations, observation, role play, homework, case studies, socialism, written work and work experience.

Week 1 : Orientation & Induction

2 full days at the MWLP Training Room

Week 2 : Work Readiness

3 full days at the MWLP Training Room

Week 3 : Work Placement

1 week of work experience arranged by MWLP

Week 4 : Reflection & Refinement

1-2 full days at the MWLP Training Room

To find out more, contact the Program Coordinator, Dr Greg Kerr on 02 4625 1863 or

To register for our next program intake, download the registration form below and email it to

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