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Work Placement helps your child build on their skills and gain new ones, by participating in an actual work environment related to the course they are studying as part of their HSC.

What is Work Placement?

If your child is in Year 11 or 12 and studying a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course,  Board Endorsed Course (BEC) or TAFE Launchpad course, it is compulsory for them to undertake Work Placement.

Students are required to complete 35 hours of Work Placement in Year 11 and another 35 hours of Work Placement in Year 12 – this is mandatory for each VET, BEC or TAFE Launchpad course they are enrolled in.

Work Placement requires your child to participate in an actual work environment related to their course. They are expected to participate in work related activities that reflect the duties of their chosen course and aimed at their skill level.

MWLP sources volunteer host employers to take on students for their placements – we work closely with your child’s school to provide suitable placements for each course.

How does it work?

In the Work Placement program, a volunteer host employer offers a student/s the opportunity to work as a voluntary employee for 35 hours (usually in one week) in their business, which relates to the VET Course the student is completing.

The number, timing and frequency of offers in a year are under the control of the employer.

MWLP liaises with businesses to see what opportunities they can offer over the year. Schools put in requests for what their students require and MWLP facilitates the process to make sure all requirements are met (including full insurance cover for the placement) and the needs of both students and the host business are met.

For more information about Work Placement please click on the link below:

Parents & Carers Guide

How can I help my child?

Not only is Work Placement compulsory for your child to attain their Higher School Certificate, should they perform well whilst undertaking their placement they could be nominated by their host employer for our Student of the Year Awards.

They could then be referred on for possible interviews for relevant traineeships, apprenticeships and other employment opportunities for when they finish school.

Tips to ensure your child excels at work placement:

  • Make sure your child has obtained all signatures required on their Student Placement Record.
  • Ensure your child called or visited their host employer prior to commencement of Work Placement.
  • Have you and your child worked out how they will travel to and from their venue? For example, if your child is studying Construction, the host employer will be a builder – so does your child have to be at the worksite at 6am and where will this be? 
  • Check that your has child done their research on the company that they are going to.
  • Ensure your child has all the necessary equipment / tools / clothing that is required for their Work Placement.
  • Discuss with your child the importance of being punctual, polite and respectful during their Work Placement.
  • Check with your child that they have informed all their teachers at school that they will be on Work Placement for the week.
  • Ask your child if they have informed their coach and/or their boss (if they play sport or have a part time job) that they are on Work Placement and may miss training and/or work that week.
Can my child find their own placement?

The short answer is YES, but we would like to facilitate it as we may be able to secure further placements for other students – this is another great way for us to connect with industry.

As a parent you may own a business or have family and friends that have businesses that may be able to take students on Work Placement. The more we can connect with you the more opportunities arise for your child.

If finding your child’s own placement is an option please discuss it with your child’s Teacher.


Does my child have to complete Work Placement?

Yes – if they are studying a VET, BEC or TAFE Launchpad course as part of their HSC they are required to complete work placement.  Failure to complete Work Placement could result in your child not receiving their HSC.

How many hours of Work Placement does my child need to complete?

Students must complete 35 hours in year 11 and another 35 hours in year 12. 

Will my child have to travel to Work Placement?

Yes – they will need to travel to and from their host employer location.  We recommend that students review their placement offers carefully before committing – they should check the location and how they will get to and from the workplace each day.  You may need to drive your child or they may have to rely on public transport. 

Travel to and from Work Placement is at the student’s expense. 

Who will my child be required to work with?

Your child will be required to work with wide-range of staff and customers from different cultures, genders and backgrounds.   This is the same as if they were employed in the business.

Will my child require any special clothing or equipment?

Potentially.  Your child’s teacher will send home relevant paperwork that will outline these requirements.  Unless otherwise stated in the paperwork, the purchase of any clothing or equipment is at the student’s expense.

Does my child get paid?

No – students are not paid for their Work Placement – they are classified as “voluntary workers”.

What if my child has a disability or medical condition – can they still do Work Placement?

Yes – but this must be discussed with your child’s teacher/school beforehand to ensure a suitable host employer is allocated to meet your child’s needs.

Will my child be offered employment?

Potentially.  If your child excels during their placement their host employer may offer them employment or an apprenticeship/traineeship at the completion of their placement and/or schooling.  This is entirely up to each individual business at their discretion. 

I have more questions about Work Placement, who can I talk to?

The best person to discuss your Work Placement concerns with is your child’s teacher. 

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