Supply a Nappy

About the project

‘Supply a Nappy’ is a youth driven program from MWLP working with the Salvation Army to help families in the Macarthur region that are in need of access to baby necessities such as nappies, wipes and other associated items for a young child.

We aim to spread the word around many different schools and day-care centres by putting up flyers with information about our fundraiser. We have also added boxes to shops in Macarthur Square for nappy donations. Every donation can make a difference. 

Our aim is to reach 10,000 nappies by November 2nd, 2022, to help those in need, and with your help, that can be made possible.

Over the course of 5 weeks, 38 Business Services students took part in the hub and created the fundraising project “Supply a Nappy”.
With the aim of raising nappies and other baby-related items for families in need in the Macarthur area the students finished up with a total of 5,490 nappies, 2,640 wipes and an assortment of other baby-related items which were presented to the Salvation Army Macquarie Fields.

This webpage was created and edited by Business Services students.

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