Collect ‘a’ Nappy

About the Project

The Collect ‘a’ Nappy Project was created and put in action by students from around the Macarthur region, with support from MWLP. We realised that many people around the area are in need of nappies or baby products, so this project was created to support them.

The aim was to collect as many products as possible for The Salvation Army, so they can distribute them to the families in need. The target is to collect 10,000 nappies! This program ran over 4 weeks in 2020 and 5 weeks in 2021.

Items That Were Donated included:

  • Newborn Nappies
  • Infant Nappies
  • Crawler Nappies
  • Toddler Nappies
  • Walker Nappies
  • Dry Nites Nappies
  • Pullups
  • Swimming Nappies
  • Baby Wipes
  • Baby Powder
  • Baby / Nappy creams

How This Made A Change

By donating to the project, you helped families from around the Macarthur community. The project took into consideration the families that need help with things that others may find easy.

The Collect ‘a’ Nappy project took place across 4 weeks in 2020 and 5 weeks in 2019 – during these 9 weeks 66 Business Services students undertook their work placement.

This page was created by Business Services students.

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