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We offer a service that gives local businesses a look at potential future employees and an opportunity to connect with their community.

Work Placement Program

MWLP actively seeks and fosters partnerships with business and industry.

Year 11 and 12 students who are studying vocational courses need to be placed in businesses for Work Placement. This is compulsory and students will not be awarded their HSC unless they complete a successful placement.

There are many benefits to your business should you decide to host students for their Work Placements.

About Work Placement – what Businesses need to know!

Subject choices at schools now include industry developed, entry level Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, Board Endorsed Courses (BEC) and TAFE Launchpad courses that give young people a great kick start to a future career in the field they are studying.

Students are required to complete Work Placement as a compulsory component of the course they are studying. These courses are recognised by Australian Industry and NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). 

Work Placement allows the students to put into practice and enhance the skills they have learnt in the classroom. To demonstrate and hone these skills students are required to complete 2 weeks of Work Placement (1 week in Year 11 & 1 week in Year 12) for each course with a local business, which MWLP facilitates for the school/TAFE.

Please see below for a booklet about Work Placement for Host Employers.

Workplace Learning Guide

What’s In It For Your Business
  • It’s FREE!
  • Students come to you when you want!
  • You may increase or decrease the number of students and when they attend your business at anytime to suit your needs.
  • Think of it as an additional pair of hands to assist in your business.
  • You will have access to the workforce of the future – a Work Placement student could be your next employee!
  • The students are studying a course related to your industry, so they will come with some prior knowledge.
  • It’s a great way to showcase your business and your industry in the local community.
  • Be promoted by MWLP as a dynamic organisation supporting youth. (This could be on MWLP promotional material, website and social media).
  • Be one of over 450 companies that are currently benefiting from our Work Placement program.
  • MWLP has 6,000-7,000 students per year to provide Work Placements to and due to a high demand for these great vocational courses this number will continue to increase.
  • Feel good knowing that you helped a student pass their HSC!
Work Placement vs. Work Experience

Work Placement students are undertaking a VET, BEC or TAFE Launchpad course as part of their HSC. It is mandatory for these students to do one week’s Work Placement in a relevant industry in Year 11 and another week in Year 12.

By being involved in Work Placement, students gain a better understanding of the world of work, and are given a chance to develop their technical and general employability skills in the workforce. The students are skilled, interested and committed and some of these workplace experiences result in offers of apprenticeships, traineeships or casual work.

Work Experience students, on the other hand, are generally in Year 10. The students organise their own work experience. It is not mandatory to fulfil any course requirements and the learning experience can be in any area of any industry.


Do I have to pay to be a Host Employer?

No! There is no charge for you to be a host employer. Students who are undertaking Work Placement are essentially volunteering their time with you for the real-world experience they need to complete their course.

What about insurance?

Students are covered by Insurance and Indemnity arranged by the Department of Education (DoE), TAFE NSW, Catholic Schools NSW or Association of Independent Schools (AIS) depending on where the student is studying.  

How many hours do students need to complete? 

Most courses require the students to complete 35 hours of Work Placement in year 11 and another 35 hours in year 12.  There may be a few courses with different requirements – but this will be confirmed with you prior to students commencing with you.

How do I prepare for hosting students?

  • Have a clear picture of exactly what tasks you can give to a student while they are working with you – tasks should be varied, safe, interesting, sometimes challenging and be relevant to to the industry and the course the student is undertaking.
  • Identify experienced staff members to supervise and mentor the students – ensure they are prepared and understand what Work Placement involves.

How can I provide a quality workplace learning experience for students?

  • Ensure the students complete a workplace induction and orientation tour on the first day – this is when you can explain your safety procedures and provide an overview of your business and the tasks the students will undertake each day.
  • Encourage students to ask questions if they are unsure of something – you can’t learn if you don’t ask!
  • Ensure the tasks you have allocated are varied, challenging and appropriate for the course the student is studying and their skill level.

What activities are students prohibited from undertaking whilst on Work Placement?

Dangerous, high-risk or unsuitable workplace learning is not allowed. Prohibited activities include:

  • where asbestos is present
  • high-risk construction work, working on or in a roof, demolition work, tunnels and excavation
  • air travel on a helicopter or other aircraft – except those providing a regular public transport service like a regular route for paying passengers
  • travelling more than 12 nautical miles out to sea
  • those requiring a permit or licence, unless the student already holds the permit or licence, such as forklift driving
  • scuba and deep-sea diving
  • any work of a sexual or explicit nature
  • the service of alcohol if the student is under 18
    • If the student is over 18, alcohol service must be essential to the workplace learning and agreed to by the school or external vocational education and training (EVET) provider. Students must hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) competency card or certificate.

Can I offer employment or an apprenticeship/traineeship to a student? 

Yes! If you are happy with the student’s performance during Work Placement you are more than welcome to offer them a suitable role within your company.  

What about Confidentiality?

You may ask the students to sign a Confidentiality Agreement due to the nature of your business and the sensitivity of information they may have access to. 

What do I do if things aren’t going well?

If you have any issues or concerns with a student you are hosting please contact your dedicated Industry Liaison Officer or the MWLP office immediately – we will advise you on the best course of action.

To find out more about hosting students get in touch today!

“MWLP’s approach is a testament to their commitment to excellence. The benefits they offer are manifold. Not only do they bridge the gap between education and the professional world, but they also cultivate a sense of purpose and direction among the youth they serve. Witnessing the positive transformations and success stories that emerge from MWLP’s initiatives is a testament to the organisation’s effectiveness.

I wholeheartedly endorse MWLP for their outstanding work in driving youth empowerment and career development. Their tireless efforts, paired with the exceptional service provided by professionals like Jeanette, make them an indispensable asset to our community. With MWLP’s guidance, our youth are better equipped to achieve their dreams and contribute meaningfully to the world. It is an honour to collaborate with MWLP and be a part of this incredible journey.”

Phillip – Appetite Café Five Dock

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