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Work Placement provides you with an opportunity to try out new skills and obtain practical workplace skills, both general & industry specific.

What is Work Placement?

Work Placement is the compulsory component of your Vocational Education & Training (VET) course, Board Endorsed Course (BEC) or TAFE Launchpad course that requires you to participate in an actual work environment related to your course.

You are expected to participate in work related activities that reflect the duties of your chosen course and aimed at your skill level.

We offer a range of placements to your school for you to choose from however if these placements do not suit your needs you may organize your own and we can facilitate this placement – your teacher can discuss these options with you.

How Does It Work?

In the Work Placement program, our volunteer host employers offers students the opportunity to work as voluntary employees for 35 hours (usually in one week) in their business, which relates to the course that you are completing.

The number, timing and frequency of offers in a year are completely under the control of the employer.

MWLP liaises with businesses to see what opportunities they can offer over the year. Schools put in requests for what their students require and MWLP manages the process to make sure all requirements are met (including full insurance cover for the placement) and the needs of both parties are met.

We organise your placements through your school and present your teachers with offers that are suitable for your class. If these placements don’t meet your individual needs, you can organise your own (see form below) and we can facilitate this process but you will need to speak to your Teacher.  

Go2workplacement – what Students need to know!

Go2workplacement will assist you in getting the most out of your Work Placement.  By completing the online modules you will be able to identify specific skills and competencies that you can  focus on during your Work Placement.

On completion of the modules you will be awarded a Work Placement Ready Certificate which informs the host employer that you have prepared for your Work Placement.

Go2workplacement is for all students enrolled in HSC VET & BEC courses in NSW, which have a compulsory Work Placement component.  It can be completed as part of class work or in your own time.

All students must have a valid email address to register to complete the Go2workplacement modules and will need access to the internet and a printer.

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Preparing for Work Placement

It’s very important to be prepared for your Work Placement.  

  1. Discuss your placement details with your teacher to find the right placement for you.
  2. Discuss the placement details with your parents to make sure you are able to go! then get your paperwork signed: Go2workplacement
  3. Contact your host employer as per your paperwork 1 week prior to confirm the details of your placement.
  4. Make sure you plan how to get to and from your placement – do you need to get public transport or can someone in your family take you? 
  5. Dress appropriately – check your paperwork for your host employer’s requirements – you may need to purchase or borrow suitable clothing if you don’t have it already. 
  6. Take all equipment listed in your paperwork – such as safety clothing or your chef’s toolkit.

During your placement make sure you:

  • Ask questions and show initiative. Interest and enthusiasm impresses employers!
  • Switch off your phone during work time and discourage friends from visiting you.
  • Be polite and friendly to your workmates and customers you interact with.  Be respectful at all times.
  • Have realistic expectations about your role during placement – you will not be the head chef or the site supervisor – you are there to learn and gain experience.
  • Make sure you have your teacher’s contact details with you at all times in case of any problems.  
  • If you are sick or cannot attend your placement for any reason call your host and your teacher to let them know as soon as you can.
  • Remember to thank your host employer at the end of the week!

Click here for our downloadable Work Placement Checklist

What’s in it for me?
  • An opportunity to try out the skills you have learnt in class in a real world situation.
  • Many students impress the employer greatly and receive positive reports, references or even job offers!
  • Your Work Placement experience and report will be worth its weight in gold -use it to impress prospective employers when you are applying for hotly contested job opportunities in the future.
  • Obtain practical workplace skills, both general and industry specific.
  • Develop an awareness of career pathways within the industry you have been studying.
  • Build your confidence & develop maturity.
  • Meet NESA HSC requirements to gain your industry recognised qualification.
  • Gain credit transfer and recognition into further education and training.
  • The possibility of being nominated by your employer for the MWLP Student of the Year Awards. Nominations can lead to exclusive opportunities for an apprenticeship/traineeship or other employment opportunities.
MWLP Student of the Year Awards

Each year in March, we hold our annual Student of the Year Awards Night to recognise the top students, including winners for each course, who have been nominated by their host employers for excellence during Work Placement.

Students are nominated by our Volunteer Host Employers throughout the year and all nominees receive:

  • An exclusive offer to attend an interview with our sponsorship partners for any available apprenticeships, traineeships or other employment opportunities.
  • A personal certificate and letter of recognition to proudly display in their resume and to show prospective employers.

So remember – do a great job at your Work Placement and you could be nominated!

Work Placement Evaluation Form

Click on the link below to provide feedback on your recent work placement experience.

Work Placement Feedback – Students


Do I have to complete Work Placement?

Yes – if you are studying a VET course as part of your HSC.  

Do I get paid for Work Placement?

No – you are undertaking Work Placement to gain real-world experience and put your skills into practice as part of your course requirements. You are essentially a volunteer at the business.

How do I prepare for my placement?

Complete our Work Placement Checklist to ensure you are ready for your placement.

MWLP Work Placement Checklist

Do I need a White Card?

White Cards are required for students undertaking Work Placement for the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Electrotechnology
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Plumbing

Other industries may require a White Card as well (such as Entertainment) – make sure you check your paperwork and with your teacher if you are unsure.

What happens if I am sick?

Notify your host employer immediately if you are unwell and cannot attend (or if you become unwell onsite during your placement).  You also need to notify your teacher if you cannot attend or need to leave early. They will advise you on how to make up the time you have missed.

What do I do if I have a safety concern or am uncomfortable at my Work Placement?

If you have any safety concerns or feel uncomfortable with tasks or the environment you are working in – talk to your host employer or your teacher as soon as you can.  

“Hilton Sydney gave me an induction program at the start, outlining company procedures and policy which was very helpful for me in helping me understand how things work in their establishment.

The chefs were extremely supportive and patient to me. They paid attention to how I performed tasks I was assigned to and gave constructive feedback which allowed me to improve and build my skills.

Everyone in the establishment treated me warmly and welcomed me, which made me feel part of the team. Everyone had excellent cultural sensitivity and were well-spoken.”

VET Course : Hospitality Kitchen Operations

“What made my Work Placement really enjoyable was that the host employer and the employees were all very nice and willing to help and teach me what I had to do at a real job.

They gave me experiences so that I was able to work well and efficiently.”

VET Course : Automotive – Mechanical

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